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Josh Ford
I'm a Graphics designer and Web development consultant.
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    United Kingdom
Graphics Designer
Video Editing
Web Consultant
  • Custom Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Web Development Consultant
  • Business Cards
  • Twitch Templates
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Clothing Prints
  • Clothing custom design
  • loads more to come ...
Graphics Designer
Completion 75%
Web Developer Consultant
Completion 75%
Video Editing
Completion 60%

My name is Josh Ford and I'm a self educated graphics and web developer who has gained all of my knowledge from building and maintaining my own gaming website and forum that I had and doing graphics and doing small projects along the way.

I have personally volunteered to build up a website to help out an Athletics Club who needed their website updating. I have also personally helped my best friend build and maintain their website for a commercial valeting service to help prevent COVID-19 called D&D Commercial Valeting Services LTD.

For many years now I have got myself involved in graphics designing, starting from forum graphics and building myself up gaining more and more knowledge and experience along the way.  I am always looking to improve which I'll do through online courses that I'm starting and through helping people design and build up websites from my new Future Vision project.


I started designing graphics at a young age starting from designing forum graphics such as buttons, icons, backgrounds, logos and all other sort of images. From then I have gained experience and knowledge along the way and started to design other sort of graphics and I'm now wanting to start providing personal graphics and designs for people that's looking to stand out and look new and fresh.


I started my web development experience when I started my own gaming forum. Build a gaming forum, maintained it and started to look into altering codes, adding new ones and improving as my gaming group grow. I then moved onto building my own gaming website which I kept upgrading, altering to look fresh and new and to make sure it stands out from the rest. Over the years I've built an Athletics club website and a commercial valeting website. Building and helping maintain these projects made me think and I wanted to use my knowledge and experience in helping others create fresh new websites for their companies or new projects which will be lot more cheaper and affordable.

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